Vivavi! Expensivo!

May 19, 2006 at 1:02 am Leave a comment

Tables from old wood

Vivavi! sells sustainable furniture for the future, and many items are very well designed. While I can admire the simple elegant designs, I can’t say I’ll be rushing right out at these prices…

The reader will know by now that we at ecoaesthete think that sustainability should also mean affordability.

 One of their designers I’m rather a fan of is Carlos Salgado and Bart Betttencourt who create eco-friendly furniture from discarded wood scraps. Check out their collection on Vivavi!, including their uncommon dinning room table above at left.


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  • 1. Cy  |  June 17, 2006 at 3:58 pm

    It is painful to see such trash. The artisans of old times designed tables that would work, be strong, last long. The arty-farty twit who designed these tables is a self-obsessed, minimalist, introverted poseur. Give the damn things one slight kick and they are fucked. Pathetic.

    I read (at age 12) in 1952 a Pelican Special from the mid 1930s ‘DESIGN’ by Anthony Bertram. It was all praise for Quarry Park housing complex, Leeds, demolished in the 1990s in a state of unfixable, out-of-date, reality-ravaged mega-mess. Bertram was also rhapsdic about Redwood City California. Giant blocks in a bleak parkland. Somebody tell me how THAT got on, please.

    Worst crime of all coming from the Scandanavian preening prats (100% respect for the REAL people of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) and lauded to ecstatic frenzy by the Bertram menace were streamlined teapots! These mother fuckers, defying and insulting the traditional spout that pours perfectly, cannot pour at all. They burble tea through the lid and spurt in pitiful squirts through the elegant psuedo-spout only if you take half an hour to pour the damn cup whilst you are dying of thirst.


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