Organic in Oxford

September 5, 2006 at 6:56 pm 2 comments

There was a well-supported stall in Oxford publicising various organic products, from Green & Black’s chocolate to Grove Fresh organic juices. With lots of free samples!

A bright leaflet from Grove Fresh nicely summarises the case for organic foods…

  • Keep chemicals off your plate; When you choose organic, you avoid harmful pesticides and other toxins.
  • Protect future generations; Organic foods are better for children whose developing bodies are vulnerable to pesticides in food.
  • Great taste; Food that’s been grown in organically nourished soil is packed with nutrients and bursts with flavour.
  • Protect water quality; Organic farming does not pollute water resources with pesticides, a problem now affecting water from coast to coast.
  • Save energy; By using natural fertilizers, organic farmers save the resources that are wasted in the energy-intensive manufacture of synthetic fertilizers.
  • Promote biodiversity; By rotating crops and replenishing the soil, organic farming creates a balanced environment that allows all forms of life to flourish.
  • Prevent soil erosion; By caring for the health of the soil, organic farming prevents topsoil erosion, a serious downside of conventional farming.
  • Help small farmers; Buying organic supports the small, family farmers that make up a large percentage of organic food producers.
  • Protect farm worker health; Organic farm practices prevent farmers from being exposed to chemicals that put their health at risk.
  • Support a true economy; Conventional farming may seem less expensive, but it hides the future costs of environmental cleanup.

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