Eco-aesthete is an enterprise under development by two keen graduates.

We believe passionately that sustainability is no longer just an option and good design must reflect this.

We seek sensible environmental choices, not ones burdened by the predjudice of eco-conservatism.


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  • 1. Eriq  |  February 28, 2007 at 1:07 am

    Hello to the folks of ecoaesthete,

    I’ve been reading Eco Aesthete and I love the work you are putting out.

    My name is Eriq Wities. I work with Free Range Studios in Berkeley, California. We create funny, informative short films with socially conscience messages. Here are links to some of our previous movies: http://www.themeatrix.com , http://www.storewars.org, http://www.renewus.org. Most of our movies focus on sustainability, food and health, and environmental issues that may be of interest to you and your readers.

    I would love the opportunity to chat with you about potential partnership opportunities. We are always looking for new ways to raise awareness and engage new audiences with our films. This could be a great way for us to come together to spread the word about issues we both care about.

    Right now we’ve got a brand new piece that I’m excited to share with you. We’ve partnered with The Harvard Medical School, The Sierra Club, World Wildlife Federation, Environmental Defense, Audobon, Center for Biological Diversity, Species Alliance, Buckminster Fuller Institute, The World Conservation Union and the Endangered Species Coalition to bring you “The (Bio) DaVersity Code”. In the FR tradition of cinematic parodies, we’ve created a Da Vinci Code spoof that tackles one of the most dire and pressing environmental issues that is not being adequately addressed, the necessity for Biological Diversity.

    With statistics showing that within 50 years, half of the species on this planet will be extinct, it’s difficult to remain passive to the disastrous consequences of species loss. Free Range is proud to be dealing with such a vital and burning issue.

    The animated-thriller starts when Robert Penguin, the world’s leading expert on biodiversity, is contacted to investigate the murder of a polar bear at the Natural History Museum. Teamed up with a sexy Parisian Minnow and suspected of the murder by an aggressive bovine cop, Penguin must sleuth through France to discover the ancient “Priority of Species” and unravel ”the Greatest Lie ever told.”

    The Movie is up and available for you to watch at http://www.DaversityCode.com

    As well, there are a handful of images to grab at http://www.daversitycode.com/media/DaVersityCode_images.zip

    I’m happy to send you more information about the movie launch or campaign if you are interested. But I’d really also love the chance to talk with you about how we can work together to give your readers some fun and relevant short films. It’s a chance to get some good information out and provide meaningful ways for your readers to plug into important campaigns.

    Please send me an email back with your contact information or feel free to give me a call.

    Look forward to hearing back from you!


    Eriq Wities

    Eriq Wities
    Viral Video Outreach
    Free Range Studios
    2748 Adeline St.
    Berkeley CA 94703

    web ll print ll flash ll strategy


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