Look good, save the earth

The Independent has a nice review piece on organic clothing. It explains how cotton may be natural, but it’s far from planet-friendly.

It has a few links of labels to wear with pride…

  • American Apparel – “worker-positive” cooperatives recycling fabric scraps and using sustainable cotton.
  • Bamford & Sons – vintage and new items, inc. organic Japanese cotton & ecological leather.
  • Edun – “trade not aid” ethical clothing launched by Bono et al.
  • Gossypium – organic and Fairtrade cotton.
  • Loomstate – pre-industrialised farming and manufacturing methods used to weave raw organic cotton yarn and labels embedded with wildflower seeds.
  • People Tree – organic and Fairtrade-certified cotton clothing made to high ethical and environmental standards.
  • Reflective Circle – “a political and social participant, responsible for all levels affected by design, including ethical and aesthetic areas”.

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Best Product Design of 2006 Awards

BusinessWeek has coverage of the Best Product Design of 2006 Awards. For the first time, this year ISDA presented awards in “ecodesign”, something we hotly follow here at ecoaesthete.

Two office chairs (Zody and Celle[right]), a pair of Mion water shoes designed for Timberland, and a digital carpet-sampling system that did away with the fabric won.

Most notably, Jurors weren’t happy with the low number of entries. “The design community is not knowledgeable in this,” said jury Chair Conley. “Architecture is better.”

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Vegetarian Options on the Interstate

You are on the run, pulling into a highway rest stop, and need to find some grub before you faint. Vegetarian-Restaurants.net is a site listing vegetarian restaurants, but most interestingly it has a section dedicated to fast food! They really do a good job of attempting to break down each “restaurant’s” menu; however, an overlying theme:

“As a rule they fry French fries and onion rings separately from the meats, but this is not strictly followed.”

If you have not already boycotted most of the larger chains because of their blatent disregard for the environment, health, and animal welfare, I suggest being creative with food from a supermarket, stock up on the trailmix or V8 from the quicky mart, or just pack food in your car for the whole trip. Fruit salads, nutritional bars, and most vegan sandwich fixings can last at room temperature for quite a few hours.

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CSA Update No. 1, Box #7.

Looking I think this week’s fruit & vegetable box from CSA could be one of the best ever. For $26.00, I received the following produce. It is all organic veggies and fruits, all fresh from the farm, and never frozen or treated for longer shelf life!

This Week’s Box:

  • Carrots – 1 bunch, with stems and leaves.
  • Red Beets – 1 bunch, with stems and leaves.
  • Cabbage – 1 head.
  • Fennel – 2 pieces.
  • Walla Walla Onions – 1 bunch, with scallion tops.
  • Zucchini Green – 1 lb.
  • Lettuce – 1 head.
  • Lettuce Mix – 1/2 lb.
  • Dill – 1 bunch.
  • Blueberries – 2 pints.

I have already made braised leeks and japanese white turnip (from last week’s box), cooked with garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, veggie broth, and white cooking wine for 15 to 20 minutes. It was VERY tasty and really hit the spot. Will have to take a shot at homemade coleslaw, let’s just hope mine will come close to those served up readily at tables across Poland… cabbage, dill, carrots…

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Lehman’s – Products for Simple, Self-sufficient Living

Cook Stove Lehman’s – Products for Simple, Self-sufficient Living – reminds us of our local Amish supply, and I have fallen completely for it. Might not be high-tech, new-fangle, eco-living, but there is something romantic and quaint about it. Heartland stoves, old fashioned oil lamps and hurricane lamps, reel lawn mowers, pine tar soap, wash boards, and hand ringers are just some of the items sold. A one stop household appliance shop! Well, one can only hope!

Among my favourites, the steel puzzles — like the unlucky horseshoe. Although classed as simple, my husband, boyfriend at the time, was impressed by my mastery of this toy.

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Enviro Entrepreneur Summer School

Enviro Entrepreneur Summer SchoolEcoaesthete has just returned from the Enviro Entrepreneur Summer School run by QED Consulting (with help from various kind sponsors) at the University of Keele.

One can’t say much because of confidentially but all 30 or so attendees were passionate environmentalists with fascinating concepts or existing businesses.

We were treated to some delightfully inspirational talks from more established entrepreneurs:

  • Kelly Atkins from Carpet-Burns spoke about the last few years founding her business selling Heat-Treated Carpet, a wonderful material she accidentally discovered — as perhaps so many have — while thoughtlessly ironing some clothes on the carpet. In a patented process, after heat-treatment polypropylene carpet into a tough, water-proof, rigid material that retains the original carpet patternation. Cheaper than vinyl, it provides a funky, environmentally friendly alternative to other external and internal floor coverings.
  • Mark Shayler, a serial entrepreneur with seemingly endless energy, spoke about his motivation and experiences in business. His environmental product design consultancy Eco3 are making interesting strides into changing industry’s design culture (in light of new EU rules).

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Retro Inspired Greenlight

GreenlightGreenlight makes light fixtures from old traffic light glass, diverting them from landfills! What a need concept and a very groovy design. Too bad each is over $100.00! Jeepers!

While a fan of their reuse of these pieces of waste, I still hold that the best place to get a great trendy lamp is from your local thrift shop. My sister and I have found many a great working vintage lamp from Goodwill.  If you are a Boston native, check out the Goodwill in Davis Square (near Tufts University), I have never had trouble finding something suitable, alterable, or in absolute perfect condition!

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